Visma is the classic example of a traditional Italian family enterprise, with more than 30 years of experience.

Producing buttons for us, is first of all a great passion. One which started Adriano Visconti our founder and has continued with the same enthusiasm to the next generation.

Following this passion and maintaining the company’s core values of: credibility, reliability and innovation; we have, in the last few years not only succeeded in maintaining constant growth, despite the recessive period, but also to widen the range of our products.

have developed a new technique, which allows us to produce articles in different materials such as real horn, polyester, corozo, galalith, and metal, and for different uses such as apparel, leather, luxury promotional.

Our handmade products, beautifully crafted to precision with the highest accuracy have been advanced both technically and also commercially to ensure that they meed international rules regarding safety standards.

The end result is a product totally Made in Italy, which not only meets the needs of an ever increasingly demanding fashion-market by also the constantly changing style trends.


Visma srl

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